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Blackbird Spirit Guide

I was following an online art tutorial recently and the tutor asked us to think about what might be our spirit animal. She said it would probably be something we see a lot of in our dreams or around us in different ways. I could not think of any animal I’ve dreamt about or seen a lot of and decided to ask for them to appear to me. I was doing some meditative walking with my dog and even cried a little as I asked my animal guides to show themselves. I had this idea that for some reason it might be a bird.

The next day whilst out walking again, I began to ask them again to show themselves. I stopped at one point on the path and looked up and there in front of me was a blackbird, just standing and looking at me. I knew then. I have seen many since and of course it could all be my imagination, but I love the idea of a blackbird being my spirit animal. I have since done a little research on what the blackbird means to indigenous peoples.

To Native Americans the blackbird serves the Corn Mother. If blackbirds ate the corn the Plains Indians believed they had wronged her and would perform a special ritual to try and make amends. Among the Chikasaw and the Chumash, blackbirds are clan animals and their loudest song is the sign of Spring approaching. The Hopi believe the blackbird is a guide to the underworld, however this movement is not done alone and The Great Spirit always travels with birds.


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